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Artist Statement

I make art not only because I want to but because I need to. There is something inside my heart, head, and soul that wants out and just picks a medium to get there. Sometimes that thing has me working for hours on end and other times it stays silent for weeks, but in the end, I am always driven to make. I have learned one important lesson along the way when it comes to my art, and that is that I need to make it for myself and no one else. It is nice if other people enjoy the things I produce, but it is not necessary for my happiness and peace of mind. I make art because it is who I am. I fought that for a long time out of fear of failure but when I realized that my art, whatever form it takes, is for my own benefit and enjoyment I felt a sense of release and allowed myself to follow the path my heart set.


Artist Bio 

Larissa Kimmey is an artist from Sacramento, CA who currently lives and works in San Jose, CA. She is in her final semester at San Jose State University where she is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography with a minor in Studio Arts.


Her “formal education in the arts”, as she calls it, began in 2009 when she began her college career. Informally she has been making art since she was a small child and has always held a love for any and all mediums. As her education progressed, she developed a passion for photography first and foremost and so began to pursue that as both an artform and career path.


Since beginning her studies at San Jose State University in 2017 her artistic practices have expanded, and she no longer sees herself as just a photographer but as an artist. At the end of her time at San Jose State she plans to attend California State University, Sacramento to obtain her teaching credential before moving on to teach art at the high school level. Larissa also intends to pursue her Master of Fine Arts at a later date.



2020 BFA cum laude, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA 

2017 AA with Highest Honors, American River College, Sacramento, CA


2016 Certificate, American River College, Sacramento, CA

Recognition and Awards

  • 2016, Winner: President’s Award, James Kaneko Gallery, Sacramento, CA

  • 2016, Finalist: Best of Photography 2016, Photographer’s Forum, Santa Barbara, CA

  • 2014, Finalist: Best of College and High School Photography 2014, Photographer’s Forum, Santa Barbara, CA


  • 2020 Solo Show, Evolution, Black Gallery, San Jose, CA

  • 2017 Group Show, Journey, Black Gallery, San Jose, CA

  • 2017 Group Show, American River College’s Fine Art Club on View, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA

  • 2016 Group Show, American River College Student Art Show, James Kaneko Gallery, Sacramento, CA 

  • 2015 Group Show, American River College Student Art Show, James Kaneko Gallery, Sacramento, CA

  • 2012 Group Show, Twelve: Square, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, Sacramento, CA


  • American River College, Sacramento, CA

Publications and Reviews

  • Best of Photography 2016. Photographer’s Forum Magazine. December 2016.

  • Best of College and High School Photography 2014. Photographer’s Forum Magazine. June 2014.

  • American River Review 2011. American River Review. December 2010.​

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